Rant & Rave is opinionated, accessible, concise, raw, and true.

Rant & Rave is a smorgasbord covered in reviews, poetry, and sharp rocks.

Rant & Rave is for you.

Rant & Rave may contain traces of nuts.

Rant & Rave was started some years ago in the English Department of Trinity College Dublin as a zine publishing literary criticism. A selection box carefully filled with ideas for English essays that were a bit too raunchy for English essays.

It has since transformed into a refuge for unapologetic reviews, gnarly poetry, and freestyle features, but we would like to think we are maintaining the spirit of the beast.

If you like to read easily digestible content that will poke your open wounds and spark the neurons in your brain, this must be the place.

If your writing comes straight from your heart shaped box, please send it to us.

We’d love to publish it.

If we think you can do better, we will tell you so. In a lovely way though, you know?

Expect a print issue when we can scrape the pennies together.

Please send any submissions or questions about private parts to tcdrantandrave@gmail.com

Love and Hats,

Hugo, Colm, Alicia, Dara, Lenny & Briony

P.S. Feel free to follow us on the Facebookster and the Twitterverse.


Our Regular Features:

If you have an idea for a feature that you think fits our bill, we’d like that, it is known, but here are the regulars who are always up for a flirt:

Players Reviews:
Fancy getting a free ticket to a DU Players show and writing a review? We will happily facilitate that hankering. Alicia is the one to talk to.

Short Attention Spans:
Concise subjectivity is the aim of the game. Write your thing in one-hundred words, or less. Briony will provide a prompt should you be in the mood to innovate.

Rap & Revelrye:
Rap and Revelrye is our poetry section. Write something new, something a bit crap, sure, send it to Lenny.

Ink & Intrigue
It’s coming soon. We’re gonna get our visuals on.


The Rant & Rave Team are:

Editor: Hugo Lau

Secretary: Colm Summers

Players Reviews Editor: Alicia Byrne Keane

Design: Dara Ó Cairbre

Rap & Revelrye: Lenny Buckley

Short Attention Spanner: Briony Morgan


Cover Photograph by Nolwenn Davies, edited by Colm Summers

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