Rap and Revelrye: “A Coming Together of Gods” -Féilim Ó Brádaigh

In passing – swiftly – he spied

The side of her face, one eye.

A tide of brown, light of hue

Surrounding the lidded isle of blue.


When no longer fixed were his eyes on this sight,

With paling face he pondered the clench

Of steely, bone-white knuckles on his gut

He sauntered, swayed, wobbled wary;

Bent, pale hands grappling with knees.

In the paralysing nausea he cast back a glance –


The blue-eyed angel had vanished.


In later light he saw her once more

And clutched her shoulders with menace,

Born out of fear she’d vanish into air.

She merely smiled. Her tender breath

Blew a light breeze onto his chin,

And abruptly – like lightning – he dreamt of sin:

Guttural, harsh, raw and unyielding.

In an instance their lips were as one.


And when in half-light they joined at the hip,

Her strangling blue eyes engraved in his skull;

Her staccato-like-breath stabbing his skin;

Her whispery hair like petals in wind;

Her red mouth sapping with drippings of sweat –


He lay more naked

Than ever before.


His fingers splayed, his palms open mouths;

His muscles taut as a barbed wire mesh;

His hungry grunts more carnivorous than beast’s –

He exhaled, inhaled

Breath of God.


She gasped; she sucked him dry

Till they fell, breathless and still


As an eagle’s feather from ocean-blue sky.


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