Players Review: Lunch

So, how was Lunch?

I actually only exist on a diet of vending-machine-fare and the occasional burrito… but Actual-Piece-of-Theatre, Lunch, directed by Claire O’Reilly and starring Matt Armitage and Maggie Crane, was both delectable and delicious.

Straight in with the alliterative food-related puns, eh? What did you find most palatable?

The design was fantastic; the audience watched the piece from elevated platforms that surrounded the playing space, which gave a Colosseum-esque intensity and insularity to the action. It provided more Levels of jarring voyeurism than Avicii’s wet dreams, while the decorative steel netting had an industrial #aesthetic that juxtaposed with the natural physicality of the two actors and created a volatile and almost weaponised discomfort which TOTALLY WORKED.

Stunning forty-one-word sentence there, Jen.


There were more things. Talk about the more things.

Matt & Maggie delivered the text beautifully, and demonstrated a strong level of physical trust and chemistry. There was also an audio-visual sequence that was very performance art-y and disorientating, and these separate lighting states for the character’s thought processes were both… succulent.

Google is your friend.

You’re not wrong.

Any actual critical response?

There was rather a lot to handle in the text, and the show itself was sharp and mad and overwhelming. It wouldn’t necessarily suit everyone’s theatre tastes, and was maybe not your usual Players fare…

Is that a bad thing?

Certainly not! I will happily defend its case to all & sundry. Come at me, bro.

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