Rap & Revelrye: “Sea-blue-green,” by James Ireland

Either that, or I am a blue,
Yellow line from the left to the middle of the page,
I often think why over the board game Risk
some people’s eyes are more sea-blue than others
some people’s weather more sea-green
Some people’s sea-where? which sent me tumbling

Look, I am no sea-bird,
I am no 75-centimetre tall Great Auk,
I am no prehistoric Grey Heron I saw floating
by the Samuel Beckett Bridge,
I am no sea-blue-green eyes which change with
the soaring
I am no Grand Canal in your eyes.

Soar, tumbling, crystalline doesn’t make sense to me,
Grey sea-blue which changes with water,
If anything, I stay the same in the weather,
no matter the weather.

On a far-away night when I was eighteen
she was in my bed and I’m not
saying it’s true, but would you still
love me if she reached down to me and
did something I didn’t want to do and
she didn’t want to do either but thought
it was hers to have to do,
would you still love me if I was witness
to that and I did nothing,
if two of us were witness and we said nothing,
If it was in the silence of the great dark night that
I grew my fear of stillness and breathing
That she grew her fear of

Photo by Kurt Arrigo


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