Players Review: Café Casablanca

Righto, let’s get started. What are you talking about this time?

Café Casablanca, an adaptation of the much-loved classic film Casablanca, which was in turn an adaptation of a stage play Everyone Comes to Rick’s. Adapted and directed by Aoife Meagher, Café Casablanca runs in the Players Theatre until Saturday 14th Feb.

Ok, should I go see it, or would I be better off at home consoling myself about my lack of a Valentine with a large tub of ice-cream?

Forget the ice-cream! Come to this tale of wartime romance, friendship, danger and secrets, and I promise you won’t regret it. From Tory O’Neill’s soaring singing as Sam, to David Roper-Nolan’s suave, collected portrayal of Rick Blaine, the cast is excellent. As someone who has never seen Casablanca, I found myself caught up in this thrilling, romantic tale from the moment the show went up.

Hmm, sounds good. Tell me more.

The Players stage is adeptly transformed into Rick’s Café Américain, with an elaborate, realistic set, designed by Ursula McGinn, lighting design by the unstoppable Tilly Taylor, and live musical accompaniment. In short, you will be transported into the world of early 1940s Casablanca, living the risk, excitement and romance alongside Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund, Victor Lazlo, and all the other characters we know and love in Café Casablanca.

I thought you hadn’t seen the film?

In any case, I’m sold! Give me a couple of words to close up before I go buy my ticket.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, walk into this one.


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