Players Review: Sardines

Hi there, long time no chat…

Oh HEY Rant & Rave! I know, but this week I saw Sardines directed by Leo Hanna and Amelia McConville and just had to tell you about it! SO. MUCH. FUN.

Sardines, eh? Sounds a bit fishy…

Haha good joke! And you’d be right. Besides the awful stench off of a certain character, the not-so affectionately named ‘Stinky Brian,’ there is definitely something sinister at work in this black-comedy.

Sardines, for those of you who don’t know, is a game of hide-and-seek where if a person is caught, the other must join them in their hiding place until at last all are squashed in like-you’ve guessed it!- sardines. The hiding place in this case, is an old wardrobe in an eerie mansion. (Spooky)

The play begins mid-way through the game, which has been organised by the guests in an effort to deal with the fact that none of them really like one another. This leads to some painfully awkward interactions but also allows us to see what it’d be like if the most eccentric people we’d ever met were forced into the same room. Hilarity ensues, with each new addition being more unusual than the last. Some standouts were a senile old maid (Áine Connell), a neurotic ex-girlfriend (Heather O’Sullivan) and a flamboyant, sex-starved rascal (Matt Armitage). Particular mention should go to costume designer Alison Hennessy for finding that sheer blouse. Throughout the play it becomes clear that something awful has happened in this wardrobe and, without spoiling the play, let me just say that you will never look at Robbie Doyle in the same way again. The casts’ comedic timing was spot on (how didn’t a single one corpse??) and their infectiously fun energy made the sudden twist all the more terrifying. How wonderful to see so many people having so much fun on stage!

Alright, alright you’ve sold it, so where, when and how?

1pm Friday and Saturday in DU Players! Running at just under forty minutes, you’d make it to class and everything! Seriously, just do it, I mean it’s less than the price of two coffees in Maguire’s for Christ’s sake.


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