Short Attention Spans: “untitled 8,” by Aisling Reina

the night before they met, he dreamt of a car crash
(later, before she made him an unlove, he told her she was the car crash, as they walked through end-of-summer woods)

she was his love-at-first-sight.

When he was her I-don’t-know
her I’m-not-sure,
He was a showing-up-at-her-door-anyway
a make-friends-with-her-friends.

she thought herself a broken, an incapableoflove.
he was a letting-her-know-He-was-hurt.
a letting-her-know-she-had-made-him-Hurt.

So he became her kind-of love
but still her this-is-a-bit-too-quick love
her not-yet-love

Until she agreed to be a give-in, give-up love

and then he was her love.

but something happened, she hasn’t said yet what.
and so she made him an unlove.

Illustration by Alice Wilson. “Tuddenham, 2013.”


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