Rap & Revelrye: “Today We Rise Like Lies,” by Sophie Cairns

Underneath this heavy canopy
We sit
And rock as we wait
For something

Sadness maybe.

-Or some assault
Like that which only flowers
Once minds have settled
On it-

We burn as if
Acid falls
On our heads and hands
Hands soft and unworn
Untouched and uncut

Unmoved by the naked moon
We rise
We rise
Like lies
And balloon
Swell to monstrous size
And cry
And cry
Our heavy thoughts
With empty letters
A sick and awful alphabet
That will not twist for us.

With nothing to fill
Our horrid empty mouths
We puncture
At the prick of a scornful tongue.

We deflate
And fall.

We ossify
And fester
And rot
Like apples
Core after core
Corroding in the dust
Rocking rocking
and waiting.


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