Rap & Revelrye: “Marko’s Almost Grown Up” by Brian McMahon Gallagher

He’s twenty five

He’s bleeding twenty five

Twenty five, still unable to drive, to his mothers surprise

Alive, Marko’s still alive.

Today is a celebration of time passing, but someone better tell him quick

The prick still thinks it looks slick to have a hand stored inside his waistband

A grasp on each stone and hoping he doesn’t get a bone while he’s with the lads

Marko’s not queer, well at least not here, among the boys,

His tongue is only used for swearing and cunnilingus

Cause to them he’s still the lad from Finglas.

See, the thing is, being gay is, not too fun with friends like his.

Alive, Marko’s still alive.

Twenty Five, Short back and sides, Scissor cut on top

Ready to bop, bop, bop in Hush

But no rush, there’s always some cans, or kush.

Decked out in Dublin City’s best: Abercrombie and Fitch, and a Neon vest

At least Nike Airmax has rejoined their attires,

Marko remembers when they were just for telephone wires.

Fires are starting, with joop bouncing from chest to ear, from there to here, because you never know

Eyebrows shaped, Match of the Day taped, good to go, but no.

Thought enters his head, “Fuck the sun I’m hitting the beds.”

And from head to feet the transformation is complete

Orange skin, legs thin, buff torso, arms even more so

And the crawl has begun; Marko begins to bite his tongue

As the lads laugh at two men holding hands on Baggot Street

And sneer as they walk past The Dragon, “Let’s go in and see the faggots meet.”

Alive, Marko’s still alive.

And live in front of his eyes are the guys he’s decided to stick with

GAA kits, yoke hits, Googling tits, and all the good bits

Are gone

But the night just carries on, and on, and on.

Marko dreams of the day when he can say “Hey, I’m gay,

“And if you don’t like it you can fuck off, because I’m happy,

“Finally I’m fucking happy.”

But when will that be? Not in any future he can see.

Cause he’s still one of the lads. That may be mad but,

He’s twenty five. He’s bleeding twenty five.

Alive, Marko’s still alive.

If you are feeling inspired by Brian’s brilliance, send your words to us! tcdrantandrave@gmail.com


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