Feature: Debut Festival 2014 Launch Party

The Debut Festival is sure to create a buzz around the Drama Department, but this year the Theatre Management class is doing their best to get the word further afield than it has been in previous years. To this end, the directors of the debuts, along with their casts and a small number of their crew members, were invited to a Launch Party, which took place last Thursday evening in the Global Room of the Hamilton building – a place yours truly had never before set foot in. The Global Room, for those who care to know, is a futuristic bright room with lots of screens and so much pod furniture and white tables that you feel a bit like you’ve fallen into a world where Apple does interior decoration (it’s v. good).

I, loyal reader, was lucky enough to be an attendee at this event, as I am part of the cast of In Camera, directed by Ailish Leavy (plugplugplug). When I arrived at this event (a trifle late, but let’s not quibble), the party was in full swing.

To begin with, let me just assure you that everyone was looking WELL. There were velour jackets and cocktail dresses and crisp white shirts and cheeky lipstick smiles just about everywhere I turned. We stood about chatting in small clusters, with people drifting every which way with ultimate ease; remember, pals, that the casts and crews of these plays are all the firmest of friends, so the evening was a bit like a selective house party – just with much brighter lights and no one kissing (that we saw…).

The evening was a nice little chill-out for everyone who has been working hard, but I think it would have been nice if the Launch had been more inclusive, at least including the whole crew for each show. I would have preferred to have a smaller share of goodies if it meant seeing everyone who has put in the hours at the party. In years to come I hope this can become a biiiig function, and we can invite, like, all the Drama Department and the press and the Taoiseach and random good-natured pedestrians off the street – although something to that scale would require more money and time than the Festival currently possesses. However, as this was the first Launch Party ever, we can definitely be assured that the event will grow in strength with the years, and become a really lovely date on the Drama Department’s calendar. The Theatre Management Class have definitely upped the ante for years to come, with Tim Scott and Orla Devlin deserving of a special mention (hon the lads!).

The Festival kicks off next week, and I hope you’re all real excited to see some of the Rant & Ravers parading about the Sammy B.

If nothing else, the Launch was proof enough that we scrub up pretty well – one more reason to pop along to the shows, don’t you agree?

Aoife Meagher

Be sure to check out the Debut Festival’s facebook page to get all the good stuff about the shows: https://www.facebook.com/debutfestival2014/timeline

If you are interested in reviewing one of the Debut shows in the coming weeks, or in contributing to Rant & Rave in another capacity, please let us know! tcdrantandrave@gmail.com


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