Short Attention Spans: “Sniff Crunch Sssssssip” by Aoife Meagher

There’s fewer bangers out this year. I think so, anyway. At the beginning of the month I got a whiff of that October smell – leaves and smoky air – but since then, nothing. Unseasonal warmth. Lazy cat-ear hairbands in Tiger. Not that I don’t love a good cat-ear hairband as much as the next girl. Gummy pumpkins smiling all over campus. The fear of walking in piles of bright leaves in case you accidentally smash a poor snail, hiding beneath them. Birthdays and frosty pints of – water. This “chiding autumn” reproaches us but with a prod towards festivity. October means Things To Come.

Short Attention Spans is a new outing by the team bringing you Rant & Rave. The challenge is to write your thing in one-hundred words, or less.
If you would like to submit your own attempt at concise subjectivity, email


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