Rap & Revelrye: “I Do This From Time To Time” by Hugo Lau

It’s late and I’m weaving and I’m not home yet-

But I remember

She solves and pushes.
Stops at orange men so we can look each other in the eye for a bit.
Has a couple of vowels in her name that wouldn’t be necessary if we were Arabic.

We’d be under attack, but at least that would be exciting.

I’d crawl in,
Covered in the blood of infidels,
You’d ask me where I’d been and I’d coyly reply:
‘Away from you,’
And we’d laugh-
Because that’s inadequate and we’re
I guess.
But you laughing is more important.

The last time we ever met
When we were covering each other in glitter.
When you took off your watch.
When you opened your eyes and inhale-
In the door.

My dear, it actually kind of hurts to touch you,
But I love you-
From my knuckles to my nails.

I thought we-


Maybe you could love me if I learned how to lie
From time to time.


Remember if you have something pretty that you would like us to consider, this is the move: tcdrantandrave@gmail.com

Photo: Nolwenn Davies


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