Players Review: The Beatles Show

Who is talking to us this time?

It’s me! The newest Rant & R’Aibh-er, Aibhilín Ryan!

Oh… good one… sooo… did you go see something, or-?

Oh yes! Only the latest instalment in DU Players’ Freshers Fest, The Beatles Show, by Stephen Kennedy.

Who? Where? When?

Directed by the ever-charming Ellen Corby and Seán-Roper Nolan, The Beatles Show, stars seven ‘freshers’ in three short plays tied together by the characters’ undying love for The Beatles. It’s on for the rest of this week at 5pm in Players theatre.

Ah but I’m a Rolling Stones fan…

As am I (what a coincidence), and although the plot centres around Beatles fanatics and is largely made up of trivia and track lists, the dedicated performances of the cast make up for shortcomings in the script. They will win you over with their charisma.

The first play, Lennon V. McCartney, centres on two friends in a pub having the age old debate – who was really the star of The Beatles? The set, made up of records, tapes and CDs strung from the ceiling gives us a sense of the volume of work these two heavyweights produced. It’s colourful and dreamy, everything you’d want to remember from that period.

Death and the Beatles Fan, the second instalment in this trilogy, revolves around a Beatles fanatic’s desperate attempt at survival when Death literally comes knocking. How will he get out of this one? Ah, but of course, by attempting to beat death in a Beatles Trivia Quiz. Rajat Nair and Nitai Aleksiewicz’s energetic performances bring humour to the at-times lacklustre lines. The chemistry between the two was tangible.

Finally, John Lennon’s Last Day is a poignant Documentary Theatre piece looking in detail at the day John Lennon was shot. The three actors deliver the information like a lecture using Power Point, excerpts from interviews and home recordings. It is only after the shooting itself that the real drama of the piece unfolds and the direction becomes more distinct, with the ‘lecturers’ beginning to inhabit the world of the story. A real tear-jerker for all Lennon fans, particularly when we hear the recording of a young Sean Lennon singing to his father.

So… should I bother then?

Beatles fans will most definitely love it. If you are outside of this category, well hey, you’ll learn how many days John Lennon lived for, and which one of The Beatles was left handed. Go for it.


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