Rap & Revelrye: “In June It Would Be Bright By Now” by Colm Gleeson

“Writers are liars” – Erasmus Fry, in conversation, 6 May 1986.

I would suffer the lacerations of these sunsets,
Endure the magma pupil’s ethereal torch,
Corrosion of the whirlwind sea-wind’s lash;
The well-wrought fences’ tangled knot of roots
Ripped from the jealous, grasping soil
To leave me suture-less and split
For this view – this hand – this kiss:
For an ounce of pain as beautiful as this.

But enough of that.
It’s dark. You’re asleep.
The air is warm with whispers,
The night is sweet,
And here I lie:
Unable to find a single honest word.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rap & Revelrye is the poetry section of Rant & Rave. We ask that our friends, the people what subscribe to our little adventure, submit their words to us here, so that we can make you famous, like Colm.

PHOTO: Summers, 2013.


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