Trinity Arts Festival Review: The Wonderfulgood Collective

Situated in the atmospheric Georgian venue of Henrietta House, the Wonderfulgood Collective’s contribution to the week-long festivities of the TAF offered an eclectic, narrative-themed experience.

Located on 12 Henrietta Street, the night balanced visual arts, live music, poetry and prose in an alternative setting that made for a change from student pubs or on-campus events. Henrietta House is an impressive venue in itself – all cavernous, majestic stairwells, artfully decrepit wallpaper and stone sculptures, the surroundings provided an all-too-perfect environment for the eccentric charms to follow.

The visual arts element of the night was both striking and unobtrusive. The event offered visual art pieces and installations from a variety of artists, namely Kevin Freeney, Liliane Puthod, Liam Morrow, Sam Burton, Lewis Byrne, and the Bluebottle Collective. The contrast between the sleek, futuristic installations – many of which were in the form of elegant light-fixture pieces and displays on glowing screens – and the chintzy setting, was striking. Some art-pieces occupied the central focus of darkened rooms, while others were incorporated subtly enough to blend with the venue’s otherworldly feel.

The performance aspect of the evening took place in a brightly lit upstairs room, in which the audience sat informally on the floor. Performances here ranged from readings and narrative pieces to musical acts: from the Bluebottle Collective, Flann, Clu, Simon Bird, Rory Hughes, David & The Dreamers, Tom Morris, Anna Clifford, and Georgia Cusack. The balance between the musical, the comic, the narrative, and the poetic aspects of the performances left watchers with an impression of the vast variety of talent to be found in the coming artistic generation.

The Wonderfulgood Collective offered an inspiring and thought-provoking look at the up-and-coming arts scene, and I hugely look forward to the hosting of more events of this kind.


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