Players Review: Co-Op

Like most Players shows, Co-Op goes through many changes during its six performances. However, unlike many other shows, Apocalypse Dawn: A Cosmic Journey went through a veritable re-birth between the Friday and Saturday performances.

On Friday night the old Players alumni, hacks, and recent graduates piled into the theatre for one last taste of youth as they manically stumbled, drank and heckled their way through the next few hours’ traffic on stage. The result was a confused amalgamation of ideas that can only be compared to a blind genius randomly cutting and pasting together pages from a futuristic encyclopedia. Only one thing was certain; there was definitely a French Boy. However, to leave your experience of the Co-Op, directed by Donal McKeating, Matt Brazil, Joyce O’Reilly and Meadhbh O’Rourke, here would be the biggest mistake of your young days. This year’s Co-Op is simply magnificent.

As the title suggests, the characters and settings span above and beyond the imaginations of these four wünderkinds, and reach a place where Egyptian goddesses and cockney Tommys meet and brave the wrath of one known simply as ‘The Lord of Evil’. With a cast of 50 eager and might I add incredibly talented Freshers, the stage was awash with boundless streams of energy and rip-roaringly hilarious plot twists, characters, and situations.  The rules of sexism were suspended, the laws of time were made redundant and the underdog always wins- perfect.

The choreography was designed to make ‘Thriller’ look shabby, and the costumes fit for (who bloody knows what?) the look of the thing weren’t half bad either. Even though God the Father is the one who gets the credit for inventing ‘light’, frankly his mere sun and stars pale in comparison to the pyrotechnical masterpiece that our lighting guru Jonathan Shanahan put on for us. I don’t know technical terms, and even if I did they wouldn’t do it justice.

All in all, from across the sea, I send a massive congratulations for the cast, crew and directors for their incredible show, there was an Apocalypse, then a re-birth and most certainly a Cosmic Adventure.

Scoing, Scoing, Scone.

Issy D’Arcy Clarke.



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