On Scribbling…

To some an ego is the nurse

Of every frenzied start in verse;

Others feel that in the end

Self-indulgence is the trend

For poets, bards & scribblers all,

Unafraid to heed the call

Of every sunset in the sky:

Some say this (and so have I).


But then there is the brighter height

To which a few have found their way,

The words and lines that came out right

Enough to give us pause and say:

Although indulgence it may be,

& though the world is spinning fast,

The poets with their melancholy

Are creatures that were built to last.


Hungry often for the kind

Of cadence which will linger on,

The scribblers who go out to find

A life that stands, a loaded gun,

Are braver than the papers know:

The road is quite a crowded one

And there are always miles to run,

And few will cheer them as they go.


Now Indulgence beats its drum,

The strings begin to squawk and hum,

Every note of pitch unsound

Rendered rooted in the ground,

Dashed up with coats of flowered paint,

Word-watered ‘til the readers faint…


And all the lamps in every head

Are lighting up with poems once read,

Now repeated in the glow

Of frantic notebooks in the night:

Oh, few will cheer us as we go,

But going is each poet’s right,

And there are roads that shine by night.


So enough, all critics, do not speak!

For we will always be around,

& if the hinges tend to squeak

On doors young poets built in sound,

At least they built, and that is all –

The dying with a dying fall

Of voices in the rooms of song

Is music which will carry on.


And so it should, for so it has;

We all were young & passionate as

Saucy Chaucy, Shakespeare, too,

Were once when once they felt they knew

A world of work in words ahead:

The poets rambling in our head

Were people (as it has been said)

Who followed on the books they read.


Passion is the only nurse

That whispers us into our verse.

For some, to gaze across the sky

& hear a wingbeat in the heart

Is just where poets ought to start,

& just how some have reached so high:

Some say this; and so do I.


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